Matric. Boys Hr. Sec. School

Thuraiyur, Trichy.

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  • Sowdambikaa Group of Schools has a battery of committed teachers at Hr. Sec. level and also each department has been headed by HODs, who have been very carefully selected out of the best pool of available talents. These teachers are imbibed with the spirit of dedication and devotion. They are not only qualified but also have excellent personality and teaching background. They evolve academic environment wherein they develop competence and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology in their respective subject.


  • To achieve the above deliverables to our students, we ensure that our teachers are well qualified and equipped with the knowledge and skills. After been indoctrinated in the Vision and Mission of sowdambikaa School, we ensure that our teachers undergo rigorous training to maintain the highest standard of curriculum delivery in the classroom. Regular refresher courses are conducted for existing teachers. Special training sessions are organized for our teachers on Curriculum Audit and Documentation, which enables them to plan every minute of their classroom sessions with the students.
  • Our teachers are also trained in interpersonal relationships, EQ (Emotional Quotient), classroom management techniques, theory of multiple intelligence, stress management, teamwork, assertive discipline, and project based learning which is encouraged in all subjects to develop critical and creative skills along with teamwork and collaborative learning.

PEDAGOGY AT sowdambikaa

  • sowdambikaa provides a new dimension in education by integrating modern learning tools with rich traditional values. Ample opportunities help the students to fulfill their academic, cultural, sporting and social needs.
  • To facilitate meaningful learning, opportunities are provided for students to participate in large and small group discussions, practice at their own pace of learning.
  • Activities such as debate, quiz, dramatization, dance, music, sports encourage them to explore their hidden talents.


  • Child – Centric Learning to develop individual’s inherent potential
  • Activities catering to the individual learner’s style
  • Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK) modes of learning
  • Maximizing learning through Collaboration and Reflection
  • Learning through inter- disciplinary activities to promote coherence
  • Joyful and productive forms of learning through Digital Smart Board
  • Enthusiastic participation in a positive, safe and supportive learning environment
  • Active Involvement in Inter and Intra Competitions - Sports
  • Participating joyfully in Theme based Assemblies, Community Projects, Festivals and Celebrations to foster Social responsibilities


  • Student – centered, innovative mapping of lesson plans
  • Teacher as a facilitator
  • Inquiry and research based teaching
  • Designing activities to cater to individual’s Multiple Intelligence (MI)
  • Initiating Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs)
  • Organizing Hands On Experiential Learning
  • Equalizing opportunities for every student
  • Conducting periodical assessments for Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Integrating values with subjects to enable holistic development of an individual
  • Creating Display Boards (Word Wall, Charts, Pictures, Diagrams, Photographs, Illustrations, Graphs, Models, etc.,

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